Support the MPP Foundation South Dakota Legal Defense Fund

Every dollar will be used to cover the legal costs of defending Amendment A in court.

On November 3, 2020, South Dakota voters approved Amendment A with 54% of the vote. Amendment A legalizes, regulates, and taxes marijuana for adults 21 and over.

Later that month, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem launched a taxpayer-funded lawsuit to overturn Amendment A on legal grounds. The Amendment A legal team is working very hard to ensure that we put forth the strongest possible defense of Amendment A in the South Dakota Supreme Court, which will decide the case.

While Governor Noem is using public funds for her lawsuit, we do not have the same luxury. Please donate what you can today. We must ensure that our legal defense is fully funded. Otherwise, Governor Noem may succeed in her efforts to repeal the will of the people.

Your contribution to the MPP Foundation South Dakota Legal Defense Fund is fully tax deductible. Thank you for supporting this important work.

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